How to increase Pinterest Monthly Viewers (& drive traffic to your site)

As bloggers, we tend to be numbers people right? We live by data, research multiple times per day, & track our successes.

It’s no surprise that Pinterest monthly viewers would be one of these data points we are so interested in watching it rise.

The truth is, while it’s nice to have high Pinterest monthly views – it really shouldn’t be the most important Pinterest metric you are looking at.

I’m going to tell you how to increase your Pinterest monthly views & which data you should be paying attention to instead.

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Google; See me! 

Ultimately, weather you are a brand new blogger or a veteran blogger, Google should be your end game.

You need to be doing everything you can to get on Google’s Radar.

But, while you are waiting – Pinterest is the next best thing.

Pinterest monthly views

It could take 6-12 months for Google to start ranking you where you deserve to be, so in the meantime, a good Pinterest strategy will keep traffic coming to your site.

Ultimate Pinterest Marketing Tips

First, let’s make sure you set up your Pinterest account the best way to score website traffic.

Pinterest checklist

Set up a Pinterest business account

Make sure you have a Pinterest Business account, not just a personal account.

Your blog is a business & the sooner you start to treat it as such – the better.

The only way you can see Pinterest analytics is with a business account.

There are two ways to do this, you can add a business account to your personal account or you can just create a business account.

I have done it both ways and prefer the latter.

Set up your profile

Make sure you have a profile picture, people are much more likely to follow you if they can see your face.

Also, make sure you use keywords in your profile name & description.

It’s okay to go back in & change it now.

Pinterest Monthly viewers

This the profile for my previous blog name (mom teaches mindset) before I switched it to Mamma, Let’s Blog.

532 Keywords to Perfect your Pinterest SEO {FREE PREVIEW}

Claim your website

Make sure you claim your website & any other social media accounts that are linked to your blog.

If you need help with this step head over to wpbeginner for some guidance.

It’s important to have the globe next to you link. You want to look legit.

Keywords Search

Next, you will start to create your boards using Keywords. I have an entire blog post dedicated to showing you exactly how to do this.

Read Pinterest Keywords – SEO for Pinterest Here!

You want to make sure your boards are titled with Keywords & your descriptions are filled with them too.

Multiple boards for your niche

You’ll want to create many boards that surround your niche. Some of these boards may seem almost identical.

You need multiple boards to re-pin your best pins too.

Don’t forget to write a description for every single board you create.

You also want to add at least 10 pins from the Pinterest community and your pins to each board so they are not empty. Empty boards are not pretty.

Create & Schedule Pins

Now, you want to create pins for whatever blog posts you have up. If you only have one blog post, create 10 pins for that one blog post.

Pinterest likes fresh pins (meaning new images and new descriptions).

I wouldn’t recommend pinning them all at the same time though.

This is where you’ll want to start scheduling your pins. You could do this manually – just be ready to write it all down. Or you could use Tailwind


Oh man, I’ve been on the fence with Tailwind. I actually stopped using it a couple weeks ago to see if I wanted to start manually pinning.

This isn’t working (I haven’t pinned in three days!) – honestly, I just don’t have time to pin 15 times per day.

Tailwind has a free trial so you can try it out & decide for yourself, but I’ll be using it again starting today.

Now that Pinterest group boards don’t do much for you – the Tribes function in Tailwind is a must.

How to Create Pins

You will want to use Canva to create pins. It’s completely free, but also offers a premium option.

I use Canva to create all of my pins for both of my sites. I pay for the premium option because I use the stock photos.

Right Size & Text Overlay

This the biggest mistake I see on Pinterest daily. You’ve got to make sure you are using the right size & putting text on your pins!

You can’t just pin a photo (unless you are a photography blog).

Your pins should be 600×900 or 1000×1500, a ratio of 2:3 works very well.

There have been so many times when I’m on a blog & want to share a pin, but there isn’t one to be found. I won’t just share random photos.

Pin to Relevant Boards

Make sure you pin to a board that makes sense (relevant!). Otherwise, Pinterest will have no idea where to show your pin.

Also – Do NOT steal other people’s pins. I know they are beautiful – but make your own.

Group Boards

Each pinterst course, or post that I’ve read has mentioned group boards.

However, there doesn’t really seem to be a consensus as to whether they are good or not.

I think it’s more of a, Well, they don’t hurt tactic.

If you post to a group board – you have a chance to be seen by more people (maybe).

I’ve heard that Pinterest doesn’t like group boards anymore and won’t really showcase your pin – it’ll get put on the backburner. 

I’m slowly getting into group boards, but it’s not a priority.

To join group boards, you have to email the owner & it just takes too much time.

Join my FB group Mom Blogger Friends here!

Fresh Pins

This is where you want to spend your time.

What is a Fresh Pin?

Simply change the image, the text, or the colors, upload it to Pinterest as a new pin & you’ve got a fresh pin.

Each pin should look different, have a different title (but still represent the post!), and a different description (slightly).

Create pin templates & use them for all of your blog posts. You can create as many pins as you want for ONE blog post.

Do my Pinterest Monthly views matter?

In short, no they do not. If your number is higher, sure it’s better. However, clicks matter so much more.

You can have a million people looking at your pins, but if they aren’t actually coming to your site – it’s nothing but a beauty metric.

The Best Pinterest Courses to get your Pinterest Monthly Viewers up

Want to learn Pinterest from the inside out? Here’s a list of the best courses available.

Free courses

Make sure you promote your pins! 

This is why Facebook Groups are so important. You can get repins, click-throughs, and shares! 

Each day, create 5-10 new pins and schedule them to Pinterest using tailwind.

Bonus Tip:

Pin from YOUR BLOG! Pinterest prefers when the pin comes from your blog && not a repin from Pinterest.

When you finish a post – pin that pin directly from your post. Don’t upload it to Pinterest or tailwind. 

Don’t forget to grab your FREE Pinterest Profile checklist!

How is your new blog doing, Mamma? Reach out if I can help in anyway!

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