13 Blogging Mistakes to Avoid (& Why it Matters!)

Can we talk about how hard this whole blogging thing really is? If someone has told you that their journey was a piece of cake – they are either really good at what they do, or they are lying.  

Blogging isn’t easy and as a new blogger, it’s easy to make many mistakes. So, I’ve put together a list of the 13 most common blogging mistakes to avoid & why it even matters. 

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1. Pinterest Pin Mistakes
2. The header is Too Big
3. The Font is Illegible
4. The Font is too Small
5. There are too many words in each paragraph 
6. Google ads are not pretty & So Not worth it 
7. Too many ads 
8. No Blog Archive 
9. Blogs not in list format 
10. Background Color 
11. Thinking SEO doesn’t Matter 
12. Nothing else to Read 
13. Not building your Email List

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Stick with me & I’ll help you dodge these mishaps, so you don’t have to go back and fix them later.  

13 Blogging Mistakes to Avoid as a New Blogger 

These are the most common blogging mistakes for beginners that I’ve seen.  

1. Pinterest Pin Mistakes 

Pinterest is the king of social media marketing (although technically it’s not social media). You have to have a pin attached to every single blog post that you write. If you don’t have a Pinterest Business account – go, get one now. It’s easy to sign up.  

Pinterest is the best way to get traffic to your site, especially as a new blogger.  

Your pins should: 

  1. Be the right size: 1000×1500 is the standard size right now (if this changes, I’ll update this post!) If you use Canva and choose Pin Design, they will automatically be this size.  
  2. Have a text overlay: make sure your image has text on it explaining what your reader will find when they click through.  
  3. Be pretty: your pin needs to gain attention from the people on Pinterest that you want on your blog. Make sure it looks professional.  

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This might just be one of my issues, but I don’t like when I go to a blog & the header is taking up the entire page. This shouldn’t be happening.  

Make your header a normal size, so when someone comes to your blog they are seeing other things & not just a gigantic header that takes up the entire computer screen.  

3. The Font is illegible  

Please make sure we can read your font. You don’t want your entire blog to be made up of fancy fonts.  

They might be pretty, but they are hard to read. If you must use them, use them as headings or in special areas throughout your site. Don’t use them as your main text.  

4. The font is too small 

Just like fancy fonts, if your text is too small it’s hard to read. Open your site on desktop and computer & make sure you can read your text.  

The general consensus is that bigger fonts are better. Someone on their phone doesn’t want to have to squint to read your articles. Make the font nice and easy to read, increase the size.  

I recommend anything bigger than 18 px (mine is 22px). If your font is smaller than 18, I would highly suggest your change it.  

5. There are too many words in each paragraph 

When reading a blog post, most readers will skim the material. It’s easier to skim & get the information when the paragraphs are small, and the text is broken up.  

White space is your friend. I try to have no more than 3 sentences per paragraph. It makes it easier for your reader to read, especially on a phone (which is most of your traffic).

When there are many words in each paragraph, it makes the text overwhelming. It seems like the article will never end & you’ll get people clicking out before getting to the bottom.  

Lead them through your text, with extra white space.  

I might be a little biased here because Google ads doesn’t like me & won’t approve my site, but I quickly realized that it was a huge waste of my time anyway.  

I tried to get in as a very new blogger (like a week in) & quickly got denied. However, after further research – I learned that it’s really freaken hard to earn money using Google Ads anyway.  

It’s not worth your time & they make your site look spammy.  

7. Too many ads 

This could technically go along with number 6, but it’s not just about Google Ads.  

If you have ads on your site, please make sure there are not too many. If I see an ad everywhere I look (or between every single paragraph) – I’m going to click away.  

I get that you want to earn money blogging – me too, but the ads become obtrusive & I can’t even read the blog post.  

A few sprinkled throughout the site it fine, but not all over the place.  

8. No Blog Archive 

When I visit a blog, I want to be able to find a list of all the blog posts they have written. Most of us categorize our blog posts & put them as pages in our main menu.  

This is great, but sometimes a reader might just want to see them all in one place. A blog archive is perfect for this.  

It also gives a reader more to read and a bigger reason to stay on your site. There’s no harm in having this in your sidebar, or your footer & you’ll make some readers (like me) happy!  

9. Blogs not in list format 

Funny story. When I first started blogging, I thought for sure I liked the blog posts fully laid out on the main pages, the biggest mistake.

This is not the case. Readers prefer your posts in a list format with a read more function. This allows the reader to choose from a variety of posts & they don’t have to scroll forever to see a second post.  
Having only one option on each main page means that if your visitor isn’t interested, they will click out – but perhaps if it’s listed the second post will pique their interest & they will click and read.  

We like options. Don’t you?  

10. Background Color 

This is a big one for me & one of the biggest reasons I immediately click out of a blog. You should not have a dark background color.  

In my opinion, your background should be white – but a light color will do as well. If I go to a blog with a black background and white text, I don’t stay. I just can’t read it. It’s too distracting.  

11. Thinking SEO (Search Engine Optimization) doesn’t Matter 

I’ve heard so many times that SEO doesn’t matter as a new blogger. “Focus on Pinterest” instead. This is the worst advice out there.  

SEO absolutely does matter & you should be thinking about it from day one. The sooner you can start learning about SEO the better! It’s not super difficult either.  

Here are my best SEO tips (without getting too overwhelming)

  • Do Keyword research to make sure someone is even searching for what you are writing. (I highly recommend Keysearch for this)

*use code KSDISC over at Keysearch for 20% off (it’s super affordable!)

  • Put those keywords in your title & headers.
  • After you’ve posted, go directly to Search Console & tell Google to crawl your page. Don’t wait for them to find you.
  • Change your Meta Description (Yoast Plug-in)
  • Place links within your blog posts, to your own site & authority sites.

12. Nothing else to Read 

When someone gets to the bottom of your blog post, there needs to be something there for them to click on to stay on your site.  

Add a “You might also Like” section to the end of your post. Plugins are not recommended for this because they will slow your site down & who knows what they will choose to recommend.  

I do this at the end of my posts manually for each post (maybe I’m a control freak?) – but I like to be able to choose which posts I’m recommending. It’s better to link relevant posts chosen by you.

13. Not building your Email List

Some people think of an email list & get overwhelmed. This might happen, but it’s so important.

You need to start building your list from day one. Convertkit’s the best option out there in my opinion.

Check out this post by Cate Rosales: How to Grow Your Email List to 1000 Die-Hard Subscribers and Beyond

& take it further with this Email Marketing Course from Her Paper Route.

Blogging Mistakes to Avoid Checklist

I put this all together into the perfect checklist for you to see if you are avoding these mistakes or commiting them.

Download the Free List & jump on your blog & make sure you are on the right track.

Blogging mistakes to avoid PDF Checklist
Grab the Blogging Checklist

Next Steps

First, grab the checklist. Then, here are some more blog posts that can help you get onto the right track with this whole blogging business.

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What is the biggest mistake you’ve made & how will you fix it?

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  1. Nishtha July.27.2020 at 9:47 am

    Great list of blogging mistakes you have shared here. As a 6 months old only blogger, still learning tips about blogging. Thanks for sharing

  2. Puja Kumari July.27.2020 at 9:46 am

    These blogging tips are very helpful. We should put relevant Google Ads, true. THANKS FOR SHARING!

  3. Stephanie Pick July.26.2020 at 5:49 pm

    Loads of great tips, thank you.

  4. Jenn Kalchik July.26.2020 at 5:45 pm

    These are great tips thank you!

    1. Josephine July.27.2020 at 2:21 pm

      Thank You! I hope these blogging mistakes to avoid are helpful!

  5. TheHappyMommie July.26.2020 at 2:32 pm

    Its a very helpful post specially for new bloggers like myself, I am using Pintrest but now I got some tips which will help me use it better.
    Thanks 😊

    1. Josephine July.26.2020 at 4:23 pm

      Thank you for stopping by! 🙂

  6. The Digital Vixen July.26.2020 at 1:11 pm

    Hi Josephine
    i really enjoyed reading your blog and i know i need to get started with building my email list, ;-o… thanks for sharing

    1. Josephine July.26.2020 at 4:24 pm

      Yes! Email list is SO important, even if it grows slow – get it going!

    2. Surabhi July.27.2020 at 4:31 am

      Great post ! Especially the Pinterest one, I used to get tons of traffic from Pinterest but lately it has not been working for me, I definitely need to catch up on SEO.

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