The Only Blogging Coach You Need (That Won’t Break The Bank)

I know how hard it is to get a blog up off the ground.

You’ve put in the effort, write great content & have started promoting your posts using Facebook & Pinterest.  

But the traffic just isn’t coming, right?  

It may seem like you’re trying so hard for no reason – & you’ve thought about throwing in the towel.

Don’t do this. It might be time to get yourself a blogging coach.  

Blog Coaching, Blog Coach

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Blog coaching services are usually pretty expensive, especially if they are one-on-one, but you don’t need that. There is another option.  

I was lucky enough to be introduced to the perfect blog coach that I didn’t even know I needed & I want to let you know that you can get help from her too!  

Cate Rosales has been blogging for 10+ years & she’s helped hundreds of bloggers excel in their blogging journey, including me! Will you be next?  

I joined Blog Coaching with Cate Rosales after participating in one of Cate’s monthly challenges.  

Cate is known for her monthly challenges, but just last month she decided to move away from them to offer her coaching services in a different (more affordable) & better way.  

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Monthly Challenges 

In the monthly challenges, Cate worked with hundreds of bloggers on one monthly goal.

For example, I joined in on the Affiliate Marketing challenge & learned so many ways to earn money on my blog.

She’s also had monthly challenges for increasing blog traffic.

These challenges helped so many bloggers take their blog to the next level & the blogging advice that was given by Cate was invaluable.

The only problem with the monthly challenges was that once the month was over – you had to say good-bye to Cate (& a month just wasn’t enough!)

Blog Coaching with Cate Rosales 

This is when Cate came up with the idea of offering her coaching services in an on-going manner. Now you can work with Cate whenever you want!

Instead of joining in on only one of her challenges, you can join all of them by joining her private Facebook group.  

Paid Facebook group vs. Free Facebook group 

You may be wondering why you should pay for a Facebook group when there a million free ones & actually that’s exactly why you should.  

Free Facebook groups have their advantages – trust me, I’m in plenty – but you can’t get the same kind of advice & feedback in a large Facebook group that you can from a more private one.  

When you ask a question in Cate’s private group, you can expect an answer directly from Cate.

In a free group, you’ll get an answer from other bloggers (& this is great) but it won’t be as lucrative as advice from your blogging mentor.  

We do work together in Cate’s group, so you will get advice from other bloggers as well – but Cate will always join in to help with insight from an expert.  

5 reasons to join Blog Coaching with Cate Rosales 

She has been there 

There is a huge benefit from getting advice from someone who has already been there.

Cate is an expert blogger with more than 10 years under her belt. If you have a problem, she’s had it before you & can help.  

Cate knows social media 

When you find the perfect blogging coach, they will know the best ways to use social media to your advantage.  

Cate knows which posts convert & which don’t. She’ll also tell you where to spend your time & where to stop wasting it.  

She has a successful course on Pinterest Marketing.

Cate knows how to make money blogging 

In fact, she earns a full-time income from just one of her blogs.  

She knows what’s she’s doing & she’ll teach it to you. Cate also offers an entire course just on affiliate marketing.

She tells it like it is 

Cate isn’t going to sugarcoat it. She’ll tell you exactly what you need to hear – even if you don’t want to hear it.  

When I first started working with Cate, she told me that I needed to niche down if I wanted to see increased traffic from Google.

I took her advice & have two different blogs now (it’s so much better & Google has taken notice!)

This is extremely beneficial as a newer blogger because the more we learn the better.

However, if you have been blogging for a while – but something just isn’t working, Cate will let you know exactly why that is & help you fix it. 

It doesn’t really matter how long you’ve been blogging, Cate can help.

There are still Monthly Challenges 

This month we are focusing on increasing our blog traffic.  

Each week, Cate does a live training that relates to the challenge. We can ask questions live & get her advice right there.  

There are also accountability threads, promo threads, & giveaways. There’s a lot inside & you want in.  

The benefits make the monthly price well worth it & I wouldn’t be surprised if Cate ends up raising the price in the future.  

Which just means, you need to get in now. It’s affordable & so worth it. If you put in the work, Cate will make it happen.  

Join Cate’s Facebook Group & Get started Today!
Blog Coach, Blog coaching services

Running a successful blog doesn’t have to be hard, & you definitely don’t have to do it alone. Join an awesome community of bloggers just like you!

We’ll do it together one day at a time.

Do you have a blogging mentor, or will I see you inside?  

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