Monthly Blog Income Report (2) | I made money!

I officially just wrapped up my 2nd month of blogging. This is my monthly blog income report.

I made some major changes, a tiny bit of money, & learned a ton. I’ll be sharing all of this and more in this article; so keep reading!

The links in this post may contain affiliate links. This just means that at no cost to you, if you make a purchase – I’ll make a commission. Read More Here.

Blog Rebrand

You may have noticed, or not, but I rebranded my blog. I’m no longer Mom teaches Mindset. 

As of June 30th, I am Mamma, Let’s Blog.

This was extremely important for me because when I started I had a whole different idea of where this blog would go.

I wanted it to be so many things – but after learning from Cate at Sweet & Simple Life, I needed to niche down. 

Mamma, Let’s Blog is a blog about blogging & it should have a name that represents that. 

I did create a second blog on June 15th called Mamma, it’s Okay; where I am writing about everything Mom. 

I will be including some details from my Mamma, it’s Okay blog but will make a note of it when I do. 

Monthly Stats via Google Analytics

Last month my stats were from May 8th – June 8th. From now on, I’m going to do them for the month. These are my June numbers.

You may notice that big drop on June 14th – that’s where my google analytics went wonky & I lost all my stats for that day.

  • Pageviews: 3,254
  • Sessions: 2,080
  • Users: 1,479

Acquisition Stats via Google Analytics

  • Pinterest: 388
  • Facebook: 578
  • Instagram: 11
  • Organic Search: 21


Lauren over at Pinterest with Ell, updated her Pinterest course to include what’s currently happening with Pinterest – which was great because I changed up my pinning strategy to heed her advice. 

Here’s the problem. I rebranded my blog & decided that I wanted to completely restart my Pinterest account. 

I’m still not sure that was the best idea because I was around 95K monthly visitors. 

I set up my new account on June 29th & I’m at 11k right now. I’m hoping that I’ll be at that 100k at my next income report. 

Stats: (Current) 

  • Followers: 70
  • Engagements: 739K
  • Monthly Pageviews: 10.17K
  • Clicks: 102

I’m hoping to get Pinterest back to where I was before, but it’s only been a week. 

Facebook Groups

You’ll want to focus on Facebook Groups in your first months of blogging. 

Facebook gets me the most traffic to my blog & the most views on my new posts!

If you are unsure of what I mean by Facebook groups check out my post How to get your blog Noticed & join my FB group Mom Blogger Friends.

The big advantage here is that the shares will help with Pinterest.

Email List Growth

I’m still using Convertkit & I love it.

Growth: +113 Subscribers | – 12 subscribers = 130 Total

I offered a pretty cool freebie [Blogs by Niche] last month & that helped a lot.

I’ve also lost a few subscribers, but I’m trying to come to terms with the idea that it’s better to only have people who want to get my emails on my list.

Some people signed up to get on my Blogs by Niche page and then unsubscribed once I sent one of my weekly newsletters.

My open rate isn’t that great either; but I’d like to think that as I grow, more people will want to open my emails. 

Freebies I tried this Month:

  1. Blog by Niche sign up

Many bloggers wanted on the list & you can see that it’s filled with some amazing blogs! You can still add your link

  1. Pinterest Profile Checklist

I had a few bloggers sign up to grab this checklist! 

I didn’t create many freebies in June, I’m hoping to create more in July. 

Free Video Course

I created a free video course showing how I use Facebook groups to get traffic to my blog. I had about 30 people sign up for it, but I decided to make a change. 

It’s still available but it’s in my resource library that is hosted through Podia. You can find all of my free products there. 

I have been creating video tutorials based around questions that I am getting and putting them in there. These videos are exclusive to my subscribers.

I love the way it’s set up because I can add to it when I create new free & exclusive content.

I am also doing a weekly giveaway for a Free Blog Audit! I’ll jump on your site & give feedback while I’m screen recording so you can see it in real-time! The sign up is in my content library!

Check out my Exclusive Content Library out here. 

Blog Posts this Month:

Mamma, Let’s Blog 

  1. June 28th – Facebook Group for Mom Bloggers
  2. June 19th – Massive List of Blogger Freebies!
  3. June 14th – Pinterest Board Covers; How to create & change them!
  4. June 10th – Monthly Blog Income Report |Minus the Income|
  5.  June 7th – The Best Blogging Courses for New Bloggers
  6. June 3rd – Pinterest Strategies to get Traffic

Mamma, it’s Okay:

  1. June 30th – How to Survive the Terrible Threes
  2. June 21st – Quiet time for Toddlers & Preschoolers
  3. June 16th – The so-called “Qualities of a Good Mother”
  4. June 1st – 33 Tips for New Moms from Real Moms

Mom Blogger Friends

I started my own Facebook group exclusive to mom bloggers! I’m up to 85 amazing bloggers in less than a month. 

Join Mom Blogger Friends!

or read more about Mom Blogger Friends here.


Since I started a new blog, I went ahead and reapplied to Amazon, if you read my last income report you’d know that they didn’t like my blogging blog.

I really don’t have much to link to in regards to blogging though, so I’ll be able to use it much more efficiently on Mamma, it’s Okay. 

What didn’t work:

I had a great second month blogging, but some things didn’t go as well as expected.

My first Product Launch –

Okay perhaps I got ahead of myself with this one but I did sell 2 copies!

You can get it for 10$ off with the code “CELEBRATE”.

I’d like to think as time goes on & I’m around longer it will start selling. Here’s to hoping, while working on my next product. 

Pinterest Keywords, SEO for Pinterest 2020
I created an Ebook with 532 Pinterest Keywords for you to use!

It sells for 15$ but you can get it for only 5$ with the discount code “CELEBRATE”

Best Money Spent this month:

I tried not to spend too much money in June since I spent so much in May but I did buy a few items.

  1. I canceled Teachable & signed up for Podia (so much more value & a much prettier design!) 
  2. I’m canceling Tailwind (pinning manually) & paying for Canva pro for the stock photos. 
  3. I signed up for Her Paper Route’s free SEO course & purchased her Email Marketing course
  4. Moved both of my sites over to Siteground (best decision EVER!) 
  5. I bought my second course from Lauren called Mastering Sales with Ell

Income from Both Blogs

I made approximately 25$ this month from both of my blogs.

I’m hoping those other 2 sales come through on Amazon, but they are still saying not shipped, so who knows.

The 9$ is from my ebook 532 Pinterest Friendly Keywords. (use code: CELEBRATE)

This is from the sale of Blog by Number by Start a Mom blog.
This is from someone signing up for Canva through my link (thank you whoever you are!)

Wrapup of Goals for June: 

  1. Spend less Money (or no {new} money!)

I did spend less money in June! 

  1. Finalize my blogging schedule & share it (Freebie?)

I’m still working on mastering this skill & then I’ll share it. 

  1. Continue working on my Ebook

I’m slowly getting there, but think I have a different idea!

  1. Grow my social media account

I went backward here by starting a new account. My FB page & Instagram grew! 

  1. Learn more about affiliate marketing.

I did this with Cate over at Sweet & Simple Life! She’s amazing! 

Goals for July:

  1. Pinterest to 100k views on both accounts.
  2. Make at least 2 affiliate sales on each blog.
  3. Stay focused in the Mastermind Blogging Group
  4. Retake courses that I’ve already paid for (don’t buy new ones!)
  5. Publish at least 3 posts per week (2 on one blog & 1 on the other).

What are your July Goals?

Want to be my accountability partner? MSG me! 

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  1. Marysa July.15.2020 at 3:41 pm

    That’s great that you have started making money with your blog! I wish I could monetize mine a little better.

  2. April Kitchens July.9.2020 at 6:10 am

    Blog income reports are so inspiring. They show that it’s possible to make an income doing something that you love.

  3. Flossie McCowald July.8.2020 at 6:19 pm

    Oh, how exciting! Your second month blogging, and you actually turned a profit! Yay you! I’m trying to see if I can double my Amazon affiliate earnings this month (last month was my first in triple digits since the commission cut in April…)

  4. Cristina July.7.2020 at 4:13 pm

    Congrats, you’ve achieved a lot. This is very inspiring and gives me hope. My blog is almost 2 months old but I’ve yet started monetizing it. Not sure what I’m waiting for. Thank you for sharing.

  5. Thehappymommie July.7.2020 at 8:45 am

    Congratulations, as a bew blogger I found this very informative, helped me learn how and where do I nees to out in more effort. Thanks 😊

  6. Cathy July.6.2020 at 4:45 pm

    Wow, you have been busy! Congrats on your success!

    1. Josephine July.6.2020 at 6:06 pm

      Thank You! Yes, I stay busy!

  7. Hailey July.6.2020 at 4:10 pm

    Congratulations that awesome! Love the goals you have set for yourself.

  8. Linda - All about Baby Blog July.6.2020 at 3:22 pm

    This is really great and encouraging for brand new bloggers to see how a blog can grow 🙂
    Keep up the great work 🙂

      1. Surabhi Mahajan July.9.2020 at 1:13 am

        So inspired to read about your success. I have Subscribed to you as well. Looking forward to learn something new.

  9. Heather Ritchie July.6.2020 at 3:06 pm

    The blogs by niche was actually a cool idea for a freebie. I’m so happy your have some success and that you made some money! It probably was smart to separate your two blogs and it still allows you to write about what you love but scale faster.

    1. Josephine July.6.2020 at 6:07 pm

      Thank You! I thought so too! It was a big hit too! I love having all those blogs to visit too!

  10. Akshaya @ Cabinet of Thoughts July.6.2020 at 1:49 pm

    Thank you so much for this post ! I will be referencing this as a guide for my blog

    1. Josephine July.6.2020 at 1:53 pm

      It’s my pleasure! Thanks for stopping by!

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