Monthly Blog Income Report |Minus the Income|

Wondering what it’s like to start a new blog? I’m officially one month in & I’m sharing my monthly blog income report with you.

I love reading blog income reports from other bloggers!

The truth is; It’s hard to make money as a new blogger. Not impossible – but not easy.

The links in this post may contain affiliate links. This just means that at no cost to you, if you make a purchase – I’ll make a commission. Read More Here.

I did not make any money this month – unless you want to count the less than 2$ I made on Amazon before they kicked me out – more on this later. 

I’ve spent way too much money on my blog. 

My blog officially launched on May 8th, 2020. This report will be from May 8th until June 8th.

Data first? 

I love data; as a teacher data is extremely important to understand what is working and what needs to change. 

The same stands for blogging. So let’s see what worked; and what didn’t. 

Monthly Stats via Google Analytics

  • Pageviews: 3,553
  • Sessions: 2,510
  • Users: 1,959
  • Bounce Rate: 76.33%

Bounce Rate confused me; so I did some research.

“As a rule of thumb, a bounce rate in the range of 26 to 40 percent is excellent. 41 to 55 percent is roughly average. 56 to 70 percent is higher than average, but may not be cause for alarm depending on the website. Anything over 70 percent is disappointing for everything outside of blogs, news, events, etc.”

I’m extremely happy with these numbers. In my first 22 days, I hit 2500 page views! It took a ton of work; but it happened! 

Acquisition Stats via Google Analytics

Pinterest: 1,096

Facebook: 599

Instagram: 10

  • Other: 4 
  • Direct: 259
  • Referral: 33
  • Organic Search: 14

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    I’m not sure what keywords are bringing the organic search results. My page is too new to really understand how my keywords are doing. 

    Search Console

    • Clicks: 2
    • Keywords: 150
    • Highest Page: 78.5

    What worked this month:


    After watching a few courses, mainly Pinterest with Ell, I was able to set up my Pinterest profile, boards, and schedule a bunch of pins using Tailwind. 

    I received quite a lot of traffic, and even had a pin bring in over 300 users in one day! 

    Stats: (May 8th – June 8th) 

    • Followers: 188
    • Engagements: 4.55K
    • Monthly Pageviews: +78.51K
    • Clicks: +1,032

    Pinterest has been huge for me in my first month! 


    When I talk about Facebook, I’m not talking about my Facebook page – although I do have one, it doesn’t bring in much traffic. 

    Facebook Groups

    You’ll want to focus on Facebook Groups in your first month of blogging. 

    I’ve written a detailed post but in short – you share your new blog posts to group threads, you share others’ content, & they share your content. 

    It’s not super organic traffic; and some bloggers won’t even stay and read – but if you could grab the attention of even one person. That’s a win. 

    The big advantage here is that the shares will help with Pinterest.

    Everytime another blogger helps you and shares your pin – lots of other people will see it too! 

    Email List Growth

    email, newsletter, marketing

    Some bloggers will recommend that you don’t worry about your email list the first month of blogging – while others say that you should start immediately. 

    I did start my email list this month. 

    I went through three different services before I ended up with Convertkit

    Growth: +31 Subscribers

    Every single subscriber this month was exciting for me! I checked over and over & when I saw a new subscriber I cheered. 

    I also had a lot of people sign up from my blog; but didn’t open their emails. This was kind of heartbreaking – but it’s going to happen. 

    Freebies I tried this Month:

    I created freebies in order to give incentives for my readers to subscribe.

    Some worked, & some didn’t. 

    1. Learning Programs Printable

    I think I had one person sign up to download this printable. I quickly realized it wasn’t a hit! 

    1. Quick Start: Start A blog Checklist

    I had a couple more sign up for this checklist & download it! Some signed up; but never grabbed it. 

    1. Mini-Weekly Content Schedule 

    More readers liked this one. Maybe I shouldn’t have called it a “Mini” schedule. 

    1. Free Video Course

    My list doubled when I offered this free video course. It’s super exciting because it was very nerve-wracking for me to make a video. 

    It’s still fairly new; so I’m hoping  more readers want to watch it! 

    Blog Posts this Month: 

    1. May 06 –Wednesday Weigh in || Week 4
    2. May 09 –Being a Mom is Hard; 5 Mistakes to Avoid with toddlers
    3. May 11 – How to change your point allowance in Weight Watchers (& why you should!)
    4. May 13 – Wednesday Weigh in || Week 5
    5. May 15 – Best Gifts for Dads this Father’s Day
    6. May 18 – Best Educational Programs for Toddlers
    7. May 20 – Wednesday Weigh in || Week 6
    8. May 22 – Mom Blog Name; Choose Your’s & Start your Blog Today!
    9. May 25 – Gentle Parenting Books
    10. May 28 – How to get your Blog Noticed
    11. June 01 – 33 Tips for New Moms from Real Moms
    12. June 03 – Pinterest Strategies to get Traffic
    13. June 07 – 8 Critical Blogging Tips I learned from Suzi @ Start a Mom Blog

    What didn’t work:

    doors, choices, choose

    As you can see from above, I changed my Niche.

    Originally, I wanted to blog about weight loss; but I realized quickly that I didn’t enjoy writing those posts. 

    Then, I wanted to write about parenting mistakes – &  I liked it. 

    But – once I started writing about blogging tips; I realized that’s where I wanted to go. 

    You can see that progression in the posts from this month. 

    I’m a teacher at heart; and want to teach others. 

    I also realize that blogging about blogging has been done over and over – but I plan to add to the conversation. 

    I’m a new blogger; blogging about blogging. Hopefully, it’s a fresh take on what it’s like starting a blog in 2020. 

    I won’t be deleting any old posts; but my articles will be moving towards blogging and away from things like positive parenting. 

    I will still be writing to moms though; but I want to help moms set up and start a blog for themselves. 

    Posting Schedule

    organizer, calendar, schedule

    I wanted to post three times a week, but I can’t write a quality post that quickly. So I’ve decided on twice per week. 

    Adsense didn’t approve me:

    Adsense didn’t approve my site because they are claiming my content is “scraped”. 

    After doing some research, I learned that they don’t accept blogs that blog about topics that are already out there. 

    So while, my content is completely mine – as in I wrote the posts myself & haven’t copied anything – it’s not original.  

    It’s my take on something that’s being talked about in many blogs && I get it. 

    I’ll move on & hope for Mediavine in the future. 

    If anything – it actually lights a fire & makes me want to prove them wrong. 

    Amazon fired me

    I set up my Amazon account, and even made 5 very small sales. Then one day; Amazon sent me an email and told me they were cancelling my account. 

    I still don’t even know why. I plan to follow up with them in an additional email soon & I’ll update you. 

    If I had to guess; maybe it’s the same as Adsense. 

    I’ll be re-applying soon!  

    Best Money Spent this month:

    Blog by Number by Suzi. She covers everything you need at the beginning. 

    Pinterest by Ell – for my Pinterest Strategies

    Affiliate Marketing Simplified by Cate – Covers Affiliate Marketing

    In conclusion

    This month has been a blast. I love blogging; mostly because I love writing, teaching and learning. 

    It might be a while before I start making a certain amount of money per month. But that’s okay! It’s not easy to make money blogging.

    I’ve had some downfalls this month. My confidence was shaken when Adsense and Amazon declined me.

    Now – I just want to prove them wrong. So I have a bigger reason to keep going. 

    I’ve met some awesome girls who are also bloggers! I message a few of them consistently during the week. 

    I love connecting with other bloggers; and helping in any way that I can. 

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      Goals for this Month

      1. Spend less Money (or no {new} money!)
      2. Finalize my blogging schedule & share it (Freebie?)
      3. Continue working on my Ebook
      4. Grow my social media account
      5. Learn more about affiliate marketing.

      I’d also like to find some more bloggers to connect with, help out, and learn from.

      What are your goals for this month?

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        2. Liz Cleland June.14.2020 at 2:49 pm

          Do you feel with Covid-19 & Riots that income has been down?? My monthly statements have been awful!

          1. Josephine June.14.2020 at 11:42 pm

            I’m not sure I can answer that because I’ve only been blogging for one month.

        3. Shayla June.13.2020 at 6:44 am

          This was so helpful, thank you for sharing your blog stats and income report! I didn’t know this about bounce rate. Please keep making posts like this explaining analytics and everything for us other bloggers!

        4. Deborah Brooks June.12.2020 at 10:31 am

          Congrats on your hard work and growth so far. Blogging does take a ton of time and lots of work. Participating/hosting link ups and commenting on lots of other blogs has helped me the most.

        5. Nicole June.12.2020 at 7:09 am

          I love the perspective you give as a new blogger! This was really insightful. Thanks!

        6. Mimi June.12.2020 at 6:35 am

          For this being your first month you are doing amazing!

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