Hi – I’m Josephine & I blog about blogging. 
I created this blog to help you start your very own blog in 2020. 


I don’t like wasting time; & I don’t plan on wasting yours. I’ll show you the easiest and quickest ways to get from point A to point B. 


Mamma – Let’s get this done. 


|A little bit about Me|

I’m a mom to a rambunctious 4 year old, Jolene (or JJ) who lights up my world. 


My husband, Jason, & I have been together for 14 years && happily married for 8.


I earned my masters of education in 2015 from Northern Arizona University.


I’ve taught 2nd grade, 5th grade, & now I’m a sixth grade ELA teacher. 


When I find something that I am passionate about – I tend to jump in running. 


I learn everything that I can & usually fast track myself to a lead role. 


As a teacher, I took on my first lead position only 1 year after graduation. 


Currently, I am the lead teacher of the 6th grade team. Hard work pays off.


Time wasted is precious time that can’t be made up; so I’ll focus on what you need right here and now to get where you want to be in your blogging adventure.


I’ll guide you along with me, as I learn the ropes & separate the need to know from the pointless. 


There’s nothing I like less than sitting in a meeting & realizing that I didn’t even really need to be there. 

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Masters of Education || Lead Teacher
Let me teach you how to master the skills you need to run a successful blog.